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Listen up, Washington

Stuart Rosenthal, Publisher

As a new administration prepares to take power in Washington, I want to revisit a topic that long-time readers know I like to address every few years: Social Security. It’s an evergreen topic for me, since I can count on Congress and the White House continuing to refuse taking any steps to obviate the problems that are growing worse by the day. And judging from the campaign rhetoric of both President-Elect Trump and Hillary Clinton, the incoming White House would not have been likely to take a different tack, no matter who won the election. Let me start by saying that I am a big fan of Social Security. I have no interest in “killing” it. Since it

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Being heard

Stuart Rosenthal, Publisher

In so many aspects of life, we can find ourselves frustrated because we feel we aren’t being heard. It happens between parents and kids; it happens between spouses; it happens at school and at work. When we feel our views are dismissed and our needs are ignored, we want to bash a wall, gnash our teeth, trash our rooms or worse. These feelings can affect us no matter what our age. But perhaps it is even more the case when we are young and perceive our legitimate means of expression to be limited. I was thinking about this as I read about the many recent protests around the country by high school and college students after last month’s national election.

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