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Getting up to speed on tech

Can’t get to your granddaughter’s ballet recital in person? Wonder what happened to your best friend from high school? Want to start your Christmas shopping? It’s all there waiting for you, thanks to the world of technology. “If you can think...

It’s never too late to get healthy

A few years ago, Gertie Elam lost her job as a federal contractor, and soon after that had surgery for colon cancer. “It was a very difficult time in my life. I was so stressed, not getting enough sleep, worrying about what would happen,” said...

Technology & Innovations

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Are your appliances eavesdropping?

Alexa, are you spying on me? It’s a fair question in light of attempts by authorities investigating the slaying of an Arkansas man to obtain voice recordings collected by an Amazon Echo speaker and its Alexa digital assistant. Echo is a “smart...

Voice-activated assistants do your bidding

Does your home really need a “smart speaker” that can answer questions, call you an Uber, turn off the lights, or play music when you ask? You may be about to find out. Two years ago, Amazon introduced the Amazon Echo, an unassuming, $180...

Fitness & Health

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Study examines if cleaner air helps COPD

Johns Hopkins Medicine is currently conducting a study to investigate whether indoor air cleaners can improve air quality and the health of those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Although the respiratory effects of outdoor air...

What foods do and don’t pose cancer risk

About a third of America’s most common cancers can be prevented through healthy eating, regular physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research. But the wide range of cancer myths can...

Law & Money

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How to invest wisely in today’s market

Many readers have written asking for advice about how to invest for consistent income in 2017 with minimal risk. As I have emphasized many times, it’s impossible to reap high returns on your investments — whether it’s in the form of income or...

The best ways to deal with debt collectors

It’s a scary place to be — in debt and afraid. A new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau report found that more than one in four consumers felt threatened when contacted by debt collectors. The first-ever national survey of consumer experiences...

Leisure & Travel

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All things French without going to France

Starting in the 1600s, and escalating in the 1700s, the British and the French battled back and forth over eastern Canada. In the end, the French won in what is today’s Québec province, at least culturally, making a trip to Québec City a vicarious...

A geezer relearns the driving rules in Italy

Italy is one of the world’s top destinations: Great beauty, great history, great people, and great food – what’s not to like? And one of the best ways to enjoy this fabulous country is to rent a car and drive through some of the great places. But...

Arts & Style

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Annette Bening moved by her current film

In 1979, Annette Bening was 21 years old. A year earlier, she had moved from San Diego to San Francisco to study classical drama. She remembers it as a time of tremendous change and uncertainty — and big moments, like the day Harvey Milk and...

A top-notch Show Boat cruises at Toby’s

With its the soaring score, complicated love stories and realistic portrayal of racism, Show Boat, now on stage at Toby’s Dinner Theatre, treats the audience to an epic story that is both fun and dynamic, but also serious. Show Boat tells the...

Careers & Volunteers

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Retirees can consult pro bono and for pay

When Community Ministries of Rockville began putting together a housing proposal for very low income families, it turned to the Montgomery County Volunteer Center’s Pro Bono Consultant Program for an experienced consultant.

Overnight relay event takes aim at cancer

When she was a Baltimore County police officer, Jane Irwin took the community’s well-being seriously. Recently retired, Irwin continues doing so, but on a different level.

Housing Options

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Use a gentle touch in helping hoarders

The moment the elevator doors opened, the stench was overpowering. Eyes watered, nostrils burned, fight or flight impulses activated. We hadn’t even gotten into the apartment yet — the trash was crammed so tightly floor to ceiling it was nearly...

Residents who look beyond themselves

Today, so many retirement communities take such good care of their residents, you might think they were waited on hand and foot, as my mother liked to say. Restaurant-style dining, a plethora of clubs and activities, pools, golf courses and state...

Reader Submissions

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UNDERSTANDING ABSTRACT ART: A Personal Exploration for the General Public

  What is Abstract Art?        Have you ever wondered what in the world the artist was thinking when s/he created this piece of artwork?  Does it have any meaning at all?  To me, sometimes it looks like...


Survivorship is more than a construct.  Psychologically and emotionally, it is a double-edged sword. Simplistically, its components are reactive to circumstances occurring in our lives. There may be one event or a situation in which many events...